Quantum Q24C Radome


w/Wi-Fi and Ethernet

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Quantum Chirp radar w/Wi-Fi and Ethernet
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Input Voltage 12 or 24 Vdc (Min: 10.8V, Max: 31.2 V)
Networking Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet (RayNet)
Antenna Type Patch Array
Power Consumption Transmit mode 17W; standby mode 7W; sleep mode 2W
Range Scales From 1/16 to 24 nautical miles
Transmit Frequency 9354 to 9446 MHz
Peak Power Output 20W
Duplexer Circulator
Pulse Widths (3 dB) 40 ns to 14.7 μs
CHIRP Lengths 400 ns to 20 μs
CHIRP Bandwidth Up to 32 MHz
IF Bandwidth 26 MHz
Noise Less than 4 dB
Max. Range Scale from 1/16 to 24 nautical miles
Beamwidth (nominal) 4.9º horizontal and 20º vertical
Polarisation Horizontal
Waterproofing IPX6
Weight 5.6 kg (12.3 lb)

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