Pulpit fäste T-Bar


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4x GPS/VHF 14″ tpi thread



For GPS/VHF Antenna

The T-Bar can hold up to four GPS/VHF antennas, and can easily be installed onto pushpit rails and decks to provide the perfect installation solution for power and sail boat owners looking for the secure and neat storage of antennas.


Marine grade 316 stainless steel

Creates an elegant finish and prevents corrosion caused from the ongoing exposure to sea water.

Aerial bar rotation

The aerial bar on each mounting bracket can be rotated during installation to determine the ideal position for each antenna.

Watertight ’No-Drill’ clamp system

Adjustable head ensures aerials are always vertical. Internal cable routing to ensure a neat appearance once installed.

Mount on a variety of surfaces

Perfect for mounting onto a variety of surfaces: guard rails or stanchions, ’A’ frames and cabin roofs.

Do you need higher elevation for your antennas? If so, why not try the T-Pole which allows for mounting on any surface, sloping or flat.



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