RF40 Roderlägesgivare


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Rudder Feedback for Smooth and Accurate Steering
The RF40 is a medium-duty rudder feedback unit for use with NAC-1 and NAC-2 autopilot systems. Rudder feedbacks measure and report actual rudder angle to your autopilot computer, enabling precise rudder control for smooth and accurate steering.

Direct Connection for Simple Plug-and-Play Installation
The RF40 is designed for direct connection to NAC-1 and NAC-2 autopilot computers, with variable voltage output and an attached 15 metre (49 foot) cable with plug-and-play connector. The connector can be easily removed for use in other applications. Its extended cable and direct connection make the RF40 an ideal alternative to NMEA 2000® connected sensors, such as the RF25, in situations where it is impractical or otherwise unnecessary to extend a vessel’s NMEA 2000® network within reach of the rudder.


  • ±120-degree rudder angle measurement
  • Plug-and-play connection to NAC-1 and NAC-2 autopilot computers
  • 15 metre (49 foot) attached cable
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