Sunpower Flex 100W


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Typical Electrical Data
at STC: 25C, 1000 W/m2 and AM 1.5

Nominal Power (Pnom) 100W
Power Tolerance +/–3%
Rated Voltage (Vmpp) 17.5 V
Rated Current (Impp) 5.8 A
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 21 V
Short curcuit current (Isc) 6.2 A
Power Temp Coeffiecient –0.35%/° C
Voltage Temp Coefficient –58.9 mV/° C
Current Temp Coefficient 2.6 mA/° C
Max. System Voltage 45 V
Series Fuse Rating 6
Battery voltages 15 A

Mechanical Data

Solar Cells 32 Prime monocrystalline SunPower IBC cells
Junction Box TE 1-21-2152049-1
Weight 4.4 lb (2 kg)
Panel Dimensions 1165 x 569 x 20 mm, with jbox
Connectors PV4-S
Cables 4 mm2, 12 AWG, 450 mm long
Charge Controller None provided